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Our software helps people better understand their problems and identify effective solutions that prevent recurrence.

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Apollo Root Cause Analysis and RC Pro

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Apollo Root Cause Analysis is a principle-based problem solving method designed to help you master problem solving strategies. Combined with RC Pro® software, you can easily construct an evidence-based understanding of any problem. An evidence-based understanding of causes and effects leads to effective solutions that are accepted by your entire organization.

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Discover the world's most effective problem-solving method.

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ARCA Methodology

The Apollo Root Cause AnalysisTM methodology facilitates the creation of a common reality using input from all stakeholders to produce an evidence-based understanding of the problem. This ensures your solutions address proven causes to prevent recurrence.

It makes problem-solving easy and gives those who have been trained, the skills to solve real-world problems more efficiently and effectively.

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Training Options

Self-Paced Online Root Cause Analysis Training

Self-Paced Online Learning

RC Coach®

This course puts discovery-based learning to work with online root cause analysis training that offers the ultimate in flexibility with access whenever and wherever the student needs exist.

Learn the essentials of our problem solving approach with varied activities, curated readings and numerous exercises.

Online Root Cause Analysis Training

Virtual Instructor Led Training

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These courses include a blended offering with the personalized attention of an accredited instructor who provides an expert introduction to the principles of Apollo Root Cause Analysis. 

Our Virtual Sessions can be scheduled to meet your availability.

On-Site Root Cause Analysis Training

On-Site Training

The Hands-On Approach

These courses offer customized face-to-face onsite Instructor Led root cause analysis training to support your continuous improvement goals and objectives over a number of days (1, 2 or 3 days).

On-site training requires a minimum of 10 participants. 

RC Pro is a complete and adaptable root cause analysis software solution that can be fit to companies of any size and across any industry. RC Pro allows your organization to integrate its problem solving capabilities and insightful reporting into existing business processes.

The quality of each analysis is increased with expert guidance and structure that ensures greater integrity and consistency. The results of your efforts are securely saved, easily communicated and readily shared with others.

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The Proven Approach to Effective Problem Solving

Our Founder, Dean L. Gano, literally created and wrote the book on evidence-based problem solving. Learn how you can apply our proven approach to the issues your organization faces.

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