Customer Testimonials

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I have consistently utilized the software for significant quality issues (both internal and external to the organization). Using the Apollo Root Cause Methodology that is the backbone of the software an organization will be able to prevent issues from… Read More

Steve B. Director, Erdman Center for Operations & Technology Management

I have found the software to be easy to use after a very short time with it, and while there are a few enhancements I woulds like to see the current version is very stable and has not crashed or given me any… Read More

Kevin S. President, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

I've been using RealityCharting since 2007 on problem solving efforts touching all aspects of the aerospace industry including in-service, supplier quality, engineering, facility, and large-scale systems integration / installation issues… Read More

Jennifer M. Root Cause Analysis Associate Technical Fellow Aviation & Aerospace

RealityCharting has made a major impact across the last 10 years of my professional experience. It starts with the principles of causation to understand that "stuff" does not just happen.  We took a major aerospace manufacturer 6 months to run down the root cause… Read More

Christopher B. Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Management Consulting

We have been able to understand and solve many problems related to large ship diesel engines using this tool. Also other potential problem has been discovered and solved even before they have taken place. Read More

Karl Olav U. Mechanical Engineer, Oil & Energy

This is a foundational methodology and product for any root cause analysis. It is quickly learned, effective and efficient. The software provides good flexibility for the analyst. It graphically portrays the causes and the fact that there is no one "root cause." Read More

Bruce H. Causal Analyst (retired), Renewables & Environment

I have been working with RC for more than 20 years. I think it is a wonderful and powerful tool. Read More

Jorge C. Personal Safety Specialist, Chemicals

When performing failure analysis problem solving, I interviewed operators who found the failure, maintenance mechanics who fixed the failure and experts such as equipment manufacturer engineers who understand how the failed equipment is intended to run. I input the information into the software and… Read More

Dorthy W. Reliability Maintenance Planner, Mining & Metals

Use of the software has been invaluable in analyzing and solving problems in a dispassionate and objective manner, and communicating results that have a clear basis that everyone involved can buy into. Online training for beginners is… Read More

Scott N. Risk Analyst, Environmental Services

Using RealityCharting for root cause analysis of close-calls and incidents in a laboratory environment. Using the software and its underlying methodology, we have been able to uncover details about incidents and their causes that we would not have found otherwise. Read More

Verified Reviewer Higher Education

At a nuclear enrichment facility a construction error occured; employees put together a team to determine root causes. Management did not believe their final report; I was invited to facility to interview the team and review their findings. I used Reality-Charting and… Read More

Michael A. Adjunct Professor, Education Management