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The Only Proactive RCA Process Available Today

What we do

We develop and architect leading problem solving tools and bring our unique Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ methodology and RealityCharting® software to committed clients around the world in nearly every sector.


A New Way of Thinking

While formally investigating the Three Mile Island – Pennsylvania, USA – nuclear power plant incident of 1979, Dean L. Gano, creator of the Apollo Method™, was puzzled to find that the root cause analysis methods and tools in use at the time – and continue to be used today – were people-centric methods that relied upon guessing, voting and consensus. Over the next decade of studying and teaching problem solving, he uncovered the principles of causation and created the Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ Methodology – ARCA™.


Shared Lasting Success

We believe a customer's success is our success and we can make the world a better place by making people better problem solvers. Our commitment to that success is shown in providing the best tools and techniques with regular enhancements and user driven improvements. This has been consistently demonstrated for more than three decades of delivering world class products, services, solutions and support.