About Us

We Help Shape An Effective Problem-Solving Culture And Provide Impactful Tools To Realize The Benefits Of Your Team's Collective Knowledge

Our Story

While formally investigating the Three Mile Island – Pennsylvania, USA – nuclear power plant incident of 1979, our Founder Dean L. Gano, creator of the Apollo Method™, was puzzled to find that the root cause analysis strategies in use at the time – and continue to be used today – were people-centric methods that relied upon guessing, voting and consensus. Through years of studying and teaching problem solving, he uncovered the principles of causation and created the Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ Methodology.

For over three decades the Apollo RCA teachings have been shared in multiple languages around the world and the RealityCharting software has continuously evolved to meet the changing technology needs of our customers. Our proven value does not go out of fashion, and we are ready to help accomplish your goals and objectives today.

Our Promise To You

When you embrace a new way of thinking about cause-and-effect and adopt Apollo RCA as your chosen problem solving methodology the business culture evolves to understand that things do not just happen and complicated issues can be simplified.

With a clear understanding of known causal relationships you can determine which causes that if removed or controlled will prevent problem recurrence.

Our Commitment To Your Success

We believe a customer's success is our success and we can make the world a better place by helping people become better problem solvers. Our commitment is shown in providing the best tools and techniques with regular enhancements and user driven improvements.

This has been consistently demonstrated for more than 35+ years of delivering world-class products, services and support.