Apollo RCA™ For Facilitators

Learn how to perform an analysis and engage in practical exercises that prepare you for the role of the facilitator.

Trained Facilitators Produce Credible Results 

The Apollo RCA™ method is most powerful when harnessing the collective intelligence and situational knowledge of the group. A group without a leader is a mob and a problem-solving team without a facilitator is just another group. Being your team's facilitator puts you is a position of responsibility and the conditions for success are set when using this proven methodology that can be applied to any problem. Through this training and subsequent facilitations your confidence in the process will grow as success is seen in the results of your work.

Facilitators Establish the Tone

Facilitators are taught to maintain a positive bias and exercise appreciative understanding at each step. They deftly apply a number of strategies to keep the team focused whether gathering information, defining the problem, creating a Realitychart or identifying effective solutions. Facilitating the problem-solving process can be significantly enhanced when the facilitator has good people skills. The student will be given expert guidance in dealing with group interactions running the interview process and avoiding common traps that get in the way of completing an analysis.

Experiential Learning Gained in the Classroom

This class gives students the experience of facilitating a group through numerous exercises and role-playing activities. Attendees learn from many relatable insights and the instantly applicable lessons shared by a highly qualified instructor. They gain a working knowledge of how the Apollo Root Cause Analysis method is applied and develop the skills needed to utilize the RealityCharting software in completing an investigation. Facilitators leave with the skills needed to credibly lead a diverse team as their next problem-solving assignment.


This course is ideal for anyone whose job involves detailed problem-solving and is dedicated to understanding complex problems with the aim of providing effective solutions.