Apollo RCA™ Training Overview

Obtain the knowledge and build the skills to become an effective problem solver.

Root Cause Analysis Simplified

Create a Reality Chart

Understanding the Need

Problem-solving is generally understood as the process of finding solutions to a difficult or complex issue and as you will see it is more specifically about eliminating, changing or controlling causes. The best solutions are often unfamiliar and novel because they are attached to causes that might otherwise be overlooked by common methods. To more readily discover opportunities for solutions you will need to understand as many causes as are sufficient and necessary for any given event.

Problem Solving Demonstrated

The shared knowledge gained in training is built on a proven understanding of the cause and effect principles defined by Dean L. Gano. You will learn there is no such thing as a single “right” answer, and it is not the root cause we seek rather we are looking for effective solutions found in a connected set of evidence-based causes.

Proven Return on Investment

The ability to prevent a significant event from reoccurring may be measured in any number of ways such as cost savings, cost avoidance, reduced risk, increased reliability, improved productivity, competitive advantage and so forth. When your team's solutions are based on the principles of causation rather than people-centric guessing and voting, repeat events will be eliminated whether the problems are simple or complex. Training your employees to think causally leads to minor problems being fixed before they cause big problems. Providing the participants and facilitators with software tools that allow them to readily communicate and document their analysis ensures the lasting success of the lessons learned and establishes consistency across the company.

The well-trained team will come to their next meeting with causes and evidence while the untrained team will come with stories and opinions. The time saved and the quality of the solutions justifies the time spent on training many times over.