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The only Apollo Root Cause Analysis solution
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RC Pro® software puts the power of Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ in your hands. It offers a standardized platform for quickly creating, analyzing, iterating and integrating your analysis into business processes. The flexible technology underlying RC Pro provides a flexible technology solution that effectively addresses the many needs of your organization.

The software features an intuitive interface and visually compelling display that helps distill interrelated evidence-based causes into an easy-to-understand graphic representation. Because it is inherently visual, RC Pro software helps your team members determine cause-and-effect relationships and apply effective solutions to prevent the recurrence of problems. Problem analysis is guided and given structure that will help you achieve an effective result to document and communicate your analysis.

Step-Wise Support & Structure

  • Wizard Window Guides New or Occasional Users
  • Detailed Problem Definition Captures Important Information 
  • Built-in Integrity Check Ensures Robust Quality 
  • Effective Solution Generation and Assessment Capabilities 
  • Self-Paced Online Training Available


Shared Outputs & Reporting

  • Detailed Email Reporting of Action Items and Solutions
  • Repository of Notes Help Define Global and Local Detail 
  • Hide/Show Causes Tool Focuses Areas of Immediate Interest 
  • Established and Adaptable Reporting Requirements 
  • Track Changes Tool Facilitates Team Collaboration


Innovative & Intuitive Features

  • Innovative Cause Creation with Drag-and-Drop Functionality
  • Attach Pictures, Videos and Documents 
  • Multiple Layout Views Provide User Defined Formatting 
  • Unique Preference Settings Personalize Appearance and Features 
  • Cause Attributes Visually Display Data and Link Functionality

Account: Create an account 

Once Access: Via username/password

Cloud Based: Access from anywhere

Version: Latest version, always - no need to upgrade/install/uninstall

ARCA Records: ALL in one location Files -

Attachments: Manage files in one location

Permissions: Customized persmission (departments, disciplines, sites, location ...)

Roles: Various - Admin, User, Reader Ratchting: ARCA Simplified or Advanced in one version