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RealityCharting® is a user friendly software solution created to help people better understand their problems and identify effective solutions that prevent recurrence.
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RealityCharting® Learning Center

The variety of resources available in the Learning Center library gives students the options to utilize materials in whichever way works best for them.

Expert Guidance

RealityCharting® guides you through each step of the process by enforcing its unique rules check to encourage a thorough and accurate analysis.

Improved Efficiency

The amount of time spent in incident investigations is greatly reduced when RealityCharting® is used to facilitate and generate solutions.

Provides Standardization

RealityCharting® provides standardization and consistency in your incident investigation process by ensuring the method is being followed every time.


RealityCharting® is a powerful visual tool giving you the ability to quickly generate an understanding of interrelated causes and graphically link them in an automatically constructed chart.


RealityCharting® increases the quality of any problem analysis by providing guidance and structure absent in other charting software.

  • Real-time rules check ensures robust quality.
  • Attach pictures, videos and documents as evidence.
  • Custom and Compact views provide user defined formatting.
  • Track Changes tool facilitates team collaboration.
  • Linked Realitycharts facilitate collaboration.
  • Accessible notes help define global and local detail.
  • Unique preference settings personalize appearance and features.
  • Hide/Show Causes tool focuses areas of interest.
  • Effective solution generation and assessment capabilities.
  • Innovative drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Established reporting requirements.

RealityCharting® can be installed in a Windows®, Mac®, or Linux™ operating system.