Self-Paced Root Cause Analysis Training

Our Self-Paced Online Training will Teach You The Essentials Of Problem Solving With Varied Activities, Curated Readings And Numerous Exercises

For those who need greater flexibility in how they learn, we offer this highly interactive self-paced root cause analysis training module, RC Coach®. You will gain insight into processes and principles from discovery-based learning, all the while building a causal-thinking mindset and a firm grasp of the RC Pro® software.

RC Coach® Features

Learn the essential aspects of problem solving skills with varied activities, curated readings and numerous exercises. This highly interactive modality offers ultimate flexibility for those who prefer learning at a self-directed pace. The course puts discovery-based learning to work, teaching problem solving processes and principles. Students come away with a new problem solving approach that utilizes a causal-thinking mindset and insights into using RC Pro - RealityCharting® software.

Highly Interactive Experience

RC Coach® offers a self-paced online learning experience designed to teach how Apollo RCA™ and RealityCharting® can be used to understand and solve your most pressing problems.

Discovery-Based Learning Approach

RC Coach® utilizes discovery-based learning to teach processes and principles. This course yields essential skills that lead the learner on a path to discovering new knowledge.

Results are Defined with Tangible Skills

Participants learn to approach a problem with a causal-thinking mindset. With practice, they gain confidence and contribute immediate value with their proficiency in the RealityCharting® software.

Get the Full Package!

Ready to supercharge your Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ training? RC Coach® and RC Pro® software are designed to work together to empower you to become a more effective problem solver. Take advantage of our training + software package and maximize their impact!

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Self Paced Package (202-V)

$895Save $95
  • RC Coach® (6 month access)
  • RC Pro Software (1 year access)
  • RCA exercises to Apply Knowledge and Skills
  • Software exercises to Apply Knowledge
  • Instructor Led: Virtual Training
  • RCA Skills Gained
  • RCA Knowledge gained
  • Practitioner Course Certificate