Root Cause Analysis Software

A Simple And Intuitive Platform To Quickly Define Your Problem, Determine Cause And Effect Relationships And Identify Cost-Effective Solutions

An Invaluable Problem-Solving Solution

Increase productivity, promote collaboration and instill an effective problem-solving culture.

RC Pro® facilitates implementation of the Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ methodology and provides comprehensive investigation management features. It gives you a standardized platform to quickly create, escalate, iterate and integrate your analysis into business processes. And it delivers a flexible technology solution that addresses the multiple and varied needs of your organization.

Simplify Complexity

Apply the power of a principle based problem solving method to provide consistency and drive standardization.

Increase Accessibility

Unlock your company’s potential with easily accessible data built upon an informed history of past events.

Deliver Bottom-Line Results

Maximize your team's efficiency, prevent costly problems from recurring and stop new problems from ever happening.

RC Pro - Root Cause Analysis Software

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Features and Benefits

Reinforces the Apollo RCA Method

Ensure robust quality and increased confidence in your solutions with built-in integrity checks. Reinforce your conclusions by collecting and storing evidence and important reference files. 

Grow & Protect Institutional Memory

Continually capture and curate institutional knowledge to preserve useful information and maintain access across the organization. 

Reporting Capabilities

Utilize flexible reporting options to provide visibility into your entire RCA problem solving process. Distribute information to the right people, in the right format with interactive data visualizations and detailed information in highly precise formats and layouts. 

Modern Architecture

Easily scale access and application features with secured cloud hosting or on-premise data storage. 

Group Building & Permission Setting

Create multiple user group profiles with defined permission settings. 


Detail a timeline record to help document and shape a single view for any sequence of events.  

Common Cause Recognition

Identify trends across your business to help make informed decisions and prioritize areas for improvement. 

Assignment Tracking

Set preferences to track solution assignments and task assignments with schedule email reporting and readily displayed visual reports.  

Cause and Effect Charting

Experience the simple and intuitive chart construction that facilitates the contribution of ideas, increases efficiency and delivers a high-quality graphical representation of proven cause and effect relationships.  

Solution Generation & Decision Making

Comfortably work together to generate potential solutions to undergo thoughtful criteria checks, solution assessements and return on investment calculations to identify the best solutions.  

RC Pro®

Cloud Based Version of our Root Cause Analysis Software
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  • Cloud Based
  • Auto-updates
  • Central Location for ALL files and records
  • Customized Permissions
  • Role Assignment
  • Yearly Subscription (12 month access)

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Backup and retain data for 14-days.

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