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Apollo Root Cause Analysis + Human Factors Analysis

Public Enrollment In-Person Workshop in Denver August 5/6th, 2024

sku Product SKU:  202-T-2-RCA+HFA

Public Enrollment In-Person Workshop

Participate in an instructor-led training to become a certified Apollo RCA + Human Factor (HFA) Facilitator. This course lays down the foundations and practical application of the Apollo method and Human Factors while teaching you how to lead, facilitate and investigate group problem-solving efforts.

This workshop will provide you with:

  1. Tools to understand why people do what they do.
  2. The language to communicate why people do what they do in a meaningful way across the enterprise.
  3. Permission to identify systemic causes of the incidents you investigate.
  4. A means toward more effective interventions.

This workshop objectives are:

  • Be able to clearly define a problem.
  • Be able to apply HFA with Apollo Root Cause Analysis (RCA).
  • Be able to identify effective interventions and find creative solutions.
  • Know how to incorporate Apollo RCA and HFA in your organization’s investigation.
  • Know how to classify your investigation findings using Vetergy’s Human Factors Taxonomy.
  • Know how to conduct an interview tailored to HFA.
  • Know how to facilitate an incident investigation.
  • Know how to effectively share the results of your Apollo RCA and HFA.
  • Understand the four principles of cause and effect.
  • Understand the Operational Resilience Model and how it applies to HFA.
  • Understand the process for, and demonstrate competence in, creating a Realitychart™.

USD 1495.0000